Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

By: Grecia 

The irony of this article is that it took me about 1 week to finally get to writing this piece. But luckily I have managed to come to 3 conclusive antidotes on how to get rid of this creative block (who clearly can’t take a hint no one needs it) that blocks our minds from all our creative visions.

You may think..

What is this?

Is there a store where I can buy some sort of repellent to this?

Is this contagious?

If you enjoy writing or any sort of artistic activity you may be familiar with this creative block commonly known as that distinctive feeling that may seem like eternity and that perhaps you have mentioned to your doctor because you are pretty sure your brain took a vacation to Jamaica.

However the text below may differ to that theory and that in fact that is not the case as I have experienced this numerous times.

Creativity may spark up at any given time. That is the reason why sometimes creativity or “Vity” as I call it, crosses over to my bad side. Has it ever happened to you, that you are almost on the verge of falling asleep but at the same time about 1000 thoughts are crossing through your mind? Somehow in my case, that is the time when all of my creative juices decide to have a party. Suddenly I begin thinking of heaps of writing pieces ideas that didn’t happen to make an appearance in the daytime !!!

This can happen at any time trust me. What truly matters is that you pounce precisely on that time or any given chance where your brain starts to flow and your imagination explodes. Yes I have stayed up at late hours of the night to write. If you don’t you will probably forget later on or your motivation won’t be as strong. I actually live for these moments to happen frequently to me (even though they happen late at night). I just love it when I’m suddenly feeling creative and have heaps of motivation to do many things. Which leads me to my first point out of the three on how to get your creative juices flowing….

  1. Learn how your mind works - Just as models have to learn how to move their body during photo shoots, just as athletes have to learn which parts of  their body work in their favor while playing a sport, artistic souls have to learn as well. Learning how your mind works opens the door to many new ideas. Study what makes that switch turn on. It may be harder for some (like me) but it may be a piece of cake to others. What I have noticed is that blogging on tumblr is one of my major sources of my creativity. whenever i see a picture or a quote i suddenly start thinking of ideas for writing pieces. However, I still haven’t mastered the way my mind works, my thoughts are literally all over the place 100% of time. Imagine a boy’s messy room up in my brain. Not Fun. It may take time but I will make it my goal to make this happen as I don’t enjoy staying up until 3:00 am.
  2. Be in a quiet atmosphere I have come to a realization while writing this article that maybe one of the reasons that most of my ideas come in the night time, is the fact that it is completely quiet except for the fact of rain drizzling at some times. Whenever you are determined to get your creative juices flowing, I recommend being somewhere where there isn’t much noise. I can usually write with music on, but that is mostly when my ideas are sky high and just coming rolling as I’m typing. If you’re having trouble focusing some of my favorite websites that help me really focus while writing are rainymood and coffitivity. I absolutely adore both, but if I had to choose I would say coffitivity is my favorite because when I found out about it, it was my absolute lifesaver. I used to spend about 99% of my time in coffee shops simply because of the effect it had on my mind. Never did it occur to me it was because of sound in my surroundings. Whoever invented this is a complete genius. 
  3. Brainstorm - Yeah that annoying thing your English teacher makes you do before you write a paper. I used to be one of the MANY people who hated doing this step. I wanted to actually get to the part where you start writing the paper. But as I have grown to know as I was forced to make these brainstorm “webs” (you can’t really pretend to be doing them if your teacher is staring right at you) is that not only do they help your brain go into a creative mode, but you ideas expand. What might have been a branch of an idea you had at the beginning, might transform into a tree by the time you’re done. I usually end up going for the idea that sparks up when my thoughts are going crazy, towards the end. Overall doing brainstorms like these, also helps me to gather my thoughts into place.

Hope these helped  get your creative juices flowing! Let me know if they did or what you think are some other good ideas to boost creativity. Always love learning new things. Much love xx 

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Because half the time I see this setting, it’s like a suburb with more trees, and the other half of the time, it’s like Deliverance.

Source: growing up in the boonies of New England

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How NOT To Write A Novel


One of the questions I get asked most often is, “How do I write a novel of my own?” The answer to that one is depressing or liberating, dependant on your POV: any way you like!! There are, however, lots of ways NOT to write a novel … and Andrew outlines some of them over at B2W today. There’s loads of links to other food for thought about novel writing, too. Enjoy! 

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My latest developments!

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Ideas on crime fiction stories ?? ((:


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Pros of focusing a story around friendship instead of romance


  • Less danger of writing awful purple prose
  • Friends can survive without constantly being around each other
  • Friendships are really cute
  • It’s easier to write healthy friendships
  • Somebody can be friends with two people without it turning into an annoying “friendship triangle”
  • Positive female-female friendships are underrepresented
  • Female-male friendships without romantic undertones are underrepresented outside of children’s books
  • Most people don’t collapse into irrational heaps of strong emotions whenever they see their friends, which makes it way easier to fight off attacking ninjas
  • More stories about online friends would be nice
  • Friends don’t have to be conventionally attractive in order to sell books
  • Did I mention the cuteness factor?

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Anonymous asked: Hi. This might be long. I’m writing a novel for the first time ever and I have so many questions. How to give my characters realistic backgrounds and futures, how to create a fantasy world, how to introduce my novel without sounding like a complete idiot. I don’t want to write, I want to create and I’ve got ideas I just can’t get a story. Have you got anything that might help me with creating characters, a world, and starting the novel? Thanks.

Congratulations on starting your first novel! Very exciting!

Here are posts I’ve made with lots of tips and links to help you out!

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If you have any further questions, you know where to find me! :)



Firstly, the BASICS when it comes to Australia:

  • The capital of Australia is not Melbourne or Sydney. But Canberra. (Where i live and it’s awful)
  • The temperature is not always hot, and the beach isn’t around every corner. Especially where i’ve been- the temperatures can be humid, moody and irregular. The weather reports are never taken seriously. 
  • Whilst being a highly multicultural continent- Australia is still racist. It is not as laid back as most people perceive it.
  • It is not like USA. This needs to be emphasised. I thought Australia was just like USA and then when i went to USA it was… intimidating. USA is huge, it is like one big city, even the ‘country side’ is bigger then most would think. In Australia there are many nooks and crannies where there is literally just dirt for miles. Or roads. Nothing else. 
  • Most words you spell with ‘ize’, we spell with ‘ise’. E.g emphasise, categorise.
  • It has two World Wonders currently: The Sydney Opera House and The Sydney Bridge
  • We’re not really good at any sport except Cricket? We love Cricket for some reason
  • We have a sport called AFL. Australian Football League. It’s just like NFL except there’s no tackling. Lame.
  • New Zealand is the equivalent to Australia as Canada is to the US.
  • It is one of the smallest continents in the world- which includes Main land AustraliaTasmania, New Guinea as well as many other neighbouring islands!
  • Australia has six states (five in the mainland, Tasmania counting as the sixth)
  • 88 Random fun Facts about Australia
  • Australian currency is called dollars as well, and it’s made out of plastic. Therefore it is almost entirely impossible to counterfeit. 
  • The Australian Dollar is surprisingly strong
  • Everything in Australia is expensive. People say England is expensive but after visiting London, i can honestly say that Australia and England both have the same price for clothing and such. Everything is super expensive. Therefore, if you live in Australia you’re probably at least a tiny bit well off
  • Australia does not have a lot of homeless people or poverty, not compared to America at least
  • Some people you probably didn’t know were Australian


  • Australia actually took the land from the Aboriginals and Indigenous People, led by Arthur Phillip (who was from Britain)
  • The ‘Stolen Generation’ was a movement that was then led in 1909 till 1969. In which the English came and stole indigenous children from their homes to put them into schools were they would learn how to be white. These children were abused physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually and a lot of families were damaged due to this. Even today.
  • In 2012, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd issued an apology to all those that were part of The Stolen Generation. 
  • In 1915, Australia fought in Gallipoli. And lost. Many soldiers were killed in battle- it was one of Australia’s greatest defeats. This War is still remembered, even today in Australia, it’s a great day of respect.
  • The Gold Rush was where pretty much everyone went gold mining and it was extremely dangerous being around that much coal and a lot of people died but a lot of gold was also found. Which apparently made the death toll okay?
  • This is pretty much all that you learn in Australian Schools about Australian History in 12 years of schooling.


  • Everyone, or at least most people in Australia, are politically aware, especially nowadays
  • We do not have a President. We have a Prime Minister. What’s the difference?
  • Our current Prime Minister is Tony Abbott. Who 98% of people hate because of his opinions on sexuality, women and people of colour as well as the carbon tax.
  • We had our first Female Prime Minister ever just a few years ago who was named Julia Gillard. Who you might remember tripped over when she visited India
  • We have two major political parties- The House of Representatives (green) and the Senate (red)





The basics of eye shapes for writers.

My sources are probably better than I am (more photos, longer descriptions), so here they are: [x] [x]

Anonymous whispered:
I want to write a character (or characters) that is genuinely unlikable, like Walder Frey from Game of Thrones or Hans from Frozen. The kind of person people will read about and think, "Douche."


Incorporate some of the Universal Douche Behaviors:

  • Betrayal/broken promises
  • Having fun at the expense of other people
  • Not being considerate of others’ wishes or rules (e.g. listening to music without headphones in a library, bouncing a tennis ball when someone has asked you to stop)
  • Manipulating someone for personal gain
  • Hogging things (the ball in a game, the shower, someone)
  • Acting entitled
  • Petty thievery
  • Refusal to take responsibility for one’s actions